Freddie's Sandwiches

Freddie's Sandwiches has been a local, hidden gem since 1926. We’re a corner shop & deli with a no frills atmosphere offering a simple menu filled with homemade breads options and an endless selection of meat. A customer favorite is the fresh sourdough rolls but we also serve our sandwiches on sweet Dutch Crunch, onion rolls, and wheat bread.

Our storefront may be inconspicuous but the sizes of our sandwiches are quite noticeable, varying from a half-footers to an entire 25-inch loaf! As you should expect from any traditional deli, we serving heaping portions of meat and keep it simple with reasonable prices.

More About Us!

I had the opportunity to try stumble upon Freddie's. It is a small hole in the wall establishment. I loved the varieties of breads, meats, and other offerings. I am a vegetarian, so it can be difficult to get a good lunch from a place like this. I ate the veggie sandwich and fell in love. Although the ingredients were simple, the taste was amazing. Everything was fresh. It definitely hit the spot and I will return again. -- Alan B.

Freddie's Sandwiches is the real deal. California is often filled with eateries that care more about modern appearance than taste. I got the Italian sandwich. The meat was sliced perfectly and the toppings were fresh. Considering the location, prices were affordable. I cannot wait to return and try the different bread and salad choices. The foot long sandwich was more than enough for one person. The service was great as well. -- Johnny L.

I’ve been coming here for 33 years and counting. Freddies is THE best. While the ownership has changed, this place never loses its integrity. Keep packin’ in the meat, Freddies! The sweet Dutch crunch is one of a kind. -- Alice M.